Las Delicias Thoughts

Las Delicias Thoughts

Aguel tells a new story as the creative director digs into his early memories of a rural upbringing in the Colombian Cauca Valley.
The intense color pallete of the sugarcane fields meets the calming and comforting sensation of childhood memories, blending into a nostalgic collection conceived for slow living.
High Summer 23 is a particularly intimate and classic interpretation of the past; a collection made to be worn unpretentiously, proposing a different approach to luxury.

I remember a bit of the 90's quite fondly, I have a lot of images outside on the grass, with family.

I remember the clothes: the tough leather boots, tough denim pants, long sleeve shirts -cowboy gear for the men- and for the women: hand embroidered linen blouses, elastic waistband shorts, tiny bikinis.

Loads of sun, pool, frapé lemonade and red lipstick. Rural Colombia in the 90's felt exactly like a telenovela: beautiful, graceful women, toxic masculinity and danger rush. Las Delicias is a reinterpretation of those memories, an effort to recreate the looks of an era.

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