Behind the brand

What is Aguel?

AGUEL is a contemporary design studio based in Pereira, Colombia. We design garments and accesories for men and women inspired by Colombian folclore and crafted from a wide array of natural materials.
Our creative director, Miguel Aguel founded the brand in 2019, hoping to fuse his interest for artisanal techniques with his love for fashion. The brand came to life with a small collection made of classic linen items catering exclusively to the male public, an audience the designer wants to focus on.
After entering some local Colombian retailers, Aguel started launching a few women's pieces his following collection, broadening the brand´s scope and allowing the designer to explore different shapes, silhouettes and techniques.
As of today, AGUEL proposes rounded collections made up of masculine, feminine and unisex garments crafted from fine noble fibers and intervened by skillful artisan hands.